Coronavirus update


Updated 12 April 2021

Following the lifting of some restrictions, most activities for under-18s will be permitted, and certain educational, charitable and support groups for adults, so a number of our hirers are using the Centre again. Opening hours will still be limited, and will only be for participants in organized classes etc - sorry no cafe yet. Adults should wear face coverings when entering the Centre, but may remove them in meeting rooms if organizers have arranged adequate distancing and put in place suitable precautions

We do not require visitors to sign in for Track & Trace purposes while we only have organized activities, as this is the hirer's responsibility, but there are scan codes displayed for the NHS app 

Hand sanitizer dispensers are provided at entrances. Our professional cleaning staff are following deep-clean procedures for all areas which have been used, at the end of each day, and volunteers will clean communal contact points such as door handles and basin taps during the day. However organizers should be prepared to clean their own area after use if another hirer is taking it over, or if they have different groups coming in during their session

Please check here for updates, and also on our Facebook page. You can still contact us or leave messages on the office number 01737 652256 as these will be picked up remotely when the Centre is closed. If you're planning a new event, class or other meeting we'll still be happy to give you any information you need about facilities, cost etc

As our building is owned and operated by the Methodist Church, we're also following regularly updated guidelines which can be found here