About Us

The Community Centre building is owned by Reigate Methodist Church which provided the land in the middle of the town as well as the majority of the funding, and a volunteer base to run the Centre. It is however much more than an extension of the church building and is intended primarily to serve the needs of the community.

The idea of the Centre came out of the need to replace the 1950s Rank Hall which would have required expensive renovation to keep it in use. We wanted to provide a safe and modern environment to serve people living or working in Reigate, which had no centrally located meeting rooms apart from the old Hall. We started planning in around 2002, in consultation with local groups and organizations. After several years of discussion, design and fundraising, the idea was turned into reality, opening in 2011.

Running costs of the Centre – including energy, maintenance and professional cleaning – are paid from hire charges, cafe profit and donations